How to Ensure Reliable And Respectful After-Life Care For Pets

How to Ensure Reliable And Respectful After-Life Care For Pets

Pets are so much more than a temporary partner. Animal companions inspire
unconditional love, spark joy, and help their humans live richer lives. As a result, pets are often
treated as members of the family, and this type of love carries on even after a pet’s passing.

Sadly, most pets have lives that are much shorter than our own, and our close
emotional bonds with them lead to grief. While nothing can undo the loss of a loved one, it is
possible to seek solace by paying homage and finding ways to keep their memory close. When
done properly, cremation offers pet parents a respectful way to manage their pet’s passing.
Cremation can be a very emotional topic, and as such, it is rarely discussed. Our goal is
to shed some light on this process so pet parents can comfortably and confidently decide the
best way to manage the passing of their beloved pet.
How does the cremation process work for pets?
The general process of cremation for a pet is not too different from that of a human. High
temperatures are used to reduce the body to a form of ash that can be preserved in urns and
other keepsakes.

One of the biggest differences between human and pet cremation is how they are
prepared for and transported to the crematorium. Pets do not pass through a well-organized
morgue; instead, it is up to the veterinary clinic and the cremation service they use to package
and transport pets that have passed.
Protocols can vary depending on what services are used. There are a variety of
packaging and identification options. It is important that whatever option is used be thorough, as
pet cremains can be completed in groups or privately, and the two are not to be confused.

What is the standard for pet aftercare?

Pet graveyards do exist, but they are not as numerous as human graveyards, and not
every family has the means to bury their pet at home. These factors may be part of the reason
behind the increase in pet cremation. Some studies estimate that 80% of people choose to
cremate their pets.

As with most industries, an increase in demand leaves room for standards and the
quality of services to slip. In regards to cremation services, low standards can have devastating
results. When it comes to the care of our loved ones and comforting grieving pet parents,
incidents are unacceptable, which is why the International Association Of Pet Cemeteries &
Crematories was created.

The IAOPCC sets the standard for pet after-life care, focusing on respect, compassion,
and constant improvement. The association is purpose-driven, and its existence as a
not-for-profit organization ensures that all of its members retain their status by upholding
standards rather than buying their titles.

Seeking out pet cremation services associated with the IAOPCC is the best way to
ensure you and your pet receive the highest standard of service provided by individuals who
genuinely care.

What measures prevent complications in transit to the crematorium?

Not all methods used to transport pets to the crematorium are created equal, and
services are not mandated to become members of the IAOPCC. This results in services that use
less respectful and trustworthy methods of pet identification for transport.
If a pet who has passed is sent to cremation with a service that uses poor-quality
packaging, like trash bags, there is room for error. Not only is this form of packaging
disrespectful, but it can cause a pet to be confused for trash or for another pet.
Proper packaging and identification measures are the best way to prevent complications
during the cremation process. Services recognized by the IAOPCC generally include multiple
methods of identification as well as secure and respectful packaging for each pet.
In an effort to make this part of the process the highest quality it can be, a specific form
of packaging has been created in association with the IAOPCC. Carneum is the gold standard
of pet cremation care, and their service includes a bag that was designed specifically with pet
cremations in mind. This packaging is similar in quality and strength to cremation transport
products used for humans, with a few extra perks.
Carneum bags can be zipped and locked shut with a metal ring that ensures pets are
securely packaged throughout their transport process. This packaging includes multiple forms of
identification that help verify the line of custody and a pet’s identity through all parts of the
cremation process.
By using a service that works with such thorough packaging and identification products,
you can rest assured that your pet will reach the crematorium in a secure and respectful

How can I ensure that the ashes I received are my beloved pet?

Helping your pet arrive at the crematorium through reliable services is an important part
of this process, but it is also crucial that they are returned to you with no complications. Ashes
are a comforting keepsake, but they no longer resemble our beloved pet, so concerns regarding
mistaken identities are only natural.

The most reliable way to ensure a pet’s identity is never confused or lost is to have a
distinct identifier pass through all parts of the cremation process with them. Carneum includes
a stainless steel coin etched with a pet’s identifying number and designed to withstand extreme
heat, making it the perfect identifier for all stages of cremation. This coin is even returned to you
with your pet’s ashes as insurance that the ashes you receive are undoubtedly those of your
late companion.

The way in which a pet is cared for after their passing is one of the last gifts we have the
honor of giving them. With services like Carneum, you can ensure that this great honor will be
upheld to the highest standards.


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