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How to use the Carneum Aftercare Kit

The Carneum Aftercare Kit was designed to preserve the dignity of your beloved pets during a vulnerable time of pet loss. Carneum’s aftercare products are geared to ensure our pets are transported and handled with the utmost care and concern during the aftercare process, whether burial or cremation.

Do not let your loved one be transported in a trash bag. The use of common garbage bags are the go to method for disposal of deceased pets and is the most common method used by veterinarians and crematory professionals. By choosing Carneum, you put an end to this undignified treatment.

Professional service animals deserve the same respect and care their human counterpart requires. Contact us to qualify.

We have designed custom solutions for Police, K-9 Units, and Service Animals

The Carneum aftercare kit provides the highest standard  of care for working K-9s.  Trusted by police, fire and military units across the USA, Carneum Aftercare Kits for professional K-9s offers the only end to end aftercare protection for those skilled animals that served so many of our communities with obedience, bravery and courage.  Contact us today for your Carneum Aftercare kit for professional working dogs and K-9s.

When your Pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Choose Carneum to provide the utmost standard of care

The Carneum aftercare kit is composed of an environmentally safe EPA certified cadaver bag, for use in cremation or burial.  Attached is a custom stamped tag made of steel, that can withstand the cremation process to produce a heat-safe keepsake token that can be identified and tracked post cremation. This token is to be returned to the pet owner to restore confidence in the cremation process and ensure the cremains are that of the pet owner’s beloved pet.


The Carneum aftercare kit includes an environmentally safe, EPA certified cadaver bag, for use in cremation or burial, a steel, heat-safe keepsake token, to be returned to customer, and a step by step system geared to instruct users, veterinarians and cremation professionals on the proper usage of the Carneum Aftercare kit.

Absolutely.  The Carneum Aftercare Kit includes complete instructions for pet owners.  This process includes completing a written Pet Identification tag included in the kit or completing and printing a digital Pet Identification Tag.  The included Pet IDentification Tag or the printed Online version must be placed in the sleeve and attached to the transport bag with instructions.

At Carneum, we are a third party platform to ensure that pet owners are provided the utmost of care for their pet.  We are happy to see that as a veterinarian, you seek a third party to provide dignified transport and aftercare instruction for your clients.  We are happy to connect and discuss our Vet options with you.

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