Audio Instructions For Pet Owners

Instructions for Pet Owners

Step 1

Please fill out the Pet Identification card, included in your Carneum Aftercare kit, in its entirety.

Step 2

Remove the Chain of Custody card from the back of the Pet Identification card.

Step 3

Once the Chain of Custody card is removed, please put the Pet Identification card back into the plastic sleeve that is attached to the zipper of the Carneum Aftercare kit.

Step 4*

Click here to register your pet on the Carneum website. This allows the crematorium to find your pet’s information using the numbers on the stainless steel coin if the Pet Identification card is lost or damaged.

Step 5

Place your loved one inside the Carneum Aftercare bag and zip it closed. Make sure that the bag is closed and secure. The zippers should be hooked together with the ring included on the zipper. The plastic sleeve, with the Pet Identification card, should be attached to the zipper pull.

Step 6

When your loved one’s cremains are returned to you, the identification numbers on your Chain of Custody card should match the numbers on both your Pet Identification card and the burnt stainless steel keepsake coin. In the event that you have to clean the stainless steel coin, a wire brush is included with your Carneum Aftercare kit to ensure the identification numbers match.  If you do not receive your Pet Identification card and/or stainless steel coin with matching numbers please contact your veterinary clinic or crematorium.

Any questions? Please contact us Or call us at 1(718) 744-4110