Founder of Carneum

Carneum is the brainchild of pet-lover and expert of hospitality, Jamie Reiner. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jamie grew up surrounded by dogs, who, to him, were more like good friends and family. Jamie began working in the hospitality industry at a young age and learned early on that care, compassion, and keen attention to detail are crucial to creating a stress-free and successful event, as well as satisfied guests. Jamie later took his knowledge of customer satisfaction to the pet burial and cremation industry where he worked alongside experts in cremation, veterinary services, and retailers to create peaceful and unstrained experience for pet-owners in a non-obtrusive way. Jamie cared for each animal as if they were his own in a time most vulnerable for pet-owners. Customers were treated like family and Jamie strived to carry out the values learned throughout his many years in the hospitality industry. Jamie aspires to preserve the dignity of our pets, which is why he created Carneum, a company dedicated to setting the standards for humane pet burial and cremation.

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