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FAQs About Cremation

At Carneum we strive to preserve the dignity of our loved ones during a vulnerable time for pet owners.  We know that our pets are family and in turn deserve to be treated as with the utmost care in life and thereafter.

We have put together this list of answers to frequently asked questions, common concerns and simple facts that are relevant during this vulnerable time of pet loss.

Depending on the facilities available in your region, your pet may be cremated or buried.  You as the pet owner have the choice on which method you prefer.

With burial, you can select a plot or in some places choose to bury your pet at a location you select.  Please consult your local laws and ordinances for further clarification.

For cremation, you have the choice of having your beloved pet cremated individually or with a group of other pets.  This selection needs to be made in advance and should be clearly stated to your veterinarian and/or cremation facility.   The cremation chamber reaches a heat between 1400-1800 degrees Fahrenheit. The intense heat reduces the organic matter to ash and some bone.  Depending on the size of your pet, the cremation process may take up to two hours.

Typically, the cremation facility will place your cremains into their standard urn, made from wood, glass or metal tin.  You have the ability to choose from a variety of urns either from your cremation provider and/or online.  Your cremains will be roughly 3.5% of your pet’s weight prior to the cremation process.

Your beloved pet’s entire body will be cremated.  If your pet is placed in the chamber with any collar, tags, surgical pins or metal replacements, those components will be cremated but will not completely dissipate.  The cremation professional will either remove those parts from your pet’s ashes manually or via a magnet.  If you wish to keep any of these items, it is best to make the crematorium aware prior to the cremation process, so those parts do not get discarded.

You may also wish to cremate your loved one with a favorite blanket or sweater.  You can absolutely do so, though your pet cremains may change the color of the ashes from white/gray, to a darker hue or color.

The color of the cremains may vary, but normally are gray or white in color. The cremains will be placed into a container provided by the crematorium or one specifically purchased by you.

There are three ways a pet can be cremated: private (individual), witnessed (individual) or communal (group).  Each facility is different, so you can ask your provider which services they may offer.

Private Cremation:  Your pet is places in a private and a separate compartment in the cremation chamber.  This method ensures that you receive only your pet’s cremains. You must request this service and maybe subject to a higher cost by your cremation provider.

Witnessed Cremation:  This form of cremation allows you, the pet owner, and other members as requested, to watch the cremation process as it happens.  This may assist in the grieving process and is offered by most cremation facilities.

Communal Cremation:  In a communal cremation, your pet is placed into the cremation chamber with other pets and animals.  Typically the ashes are not returned to you with this process.

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